Airport Society: Travellers – BM002

Travellers was the first and only ep from Beretta owners Brian Kage & Ryan Sadorus (Ryski) aka Airport Society.Received lots of play from Christian Smith, Bryan Zentz, Mateo Murphy, Dustin Zahn. Virulent’s mix starts it up with a blistering, shuffling 4/4 chicago meets detroit workout that build up into a synthy breakdown that will them losing their shit! Ryski & Kage take the original into a deeper and more tribal/tech territory. Kage does his own remix with the Kage Star Remix which takes the track into a sizzling, synth workout that is busting loose at the seams with energy. Eric J. puts the icing on the cake as he melds minimal and west coast funk into a groovy and bouncy remix perfect for the late night house crowds.

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