Reference: Vs. EP I – BMG06

Deep & Organic -Laurent Garnier

Dope tracks! Will play ’em both. -Santiago Salazar

Beretta Grey presents the 2nd EP by Detroit duo “Reference” a.k.a. Luke Hess & Brian Kage.. “Reference Vs. EP I”, consists of collaboration with other key Beretta Grey artists Ryan Crosson and Seth Troxler.

Each song was carefully developed by all artists simultaneously. Sessions were held at Interstellar Studios in Detroit with all artists present; the initial musical concepts were recorded and written. Next, the songs were sent back and forth until the finished product was agreed upon by all parties. In this fashion, the music created provides the character and soul of each artist, but fused together in a way that creates a more detailed account. One perspective alone does not capture the whole story. In this release, a feeling is captured by four artists, giving the listener a bigger picture, which helps to better capture the concepts of sound as it relates to a moment in time.

“Reference VS Seth Troxler” starts the journey off right diving head first into deep Detroit sounds.. The huge analog bass-line, intellectual percussion elements, African vocal elements, house music groove, and haunting vocal message will keep any dance-floor packed and wanting more. “Reference vs Seth Troxler” fuses Detroit underground dance culture, soul, and science-fiction for an epic, yet minimal “must play at peak-time” bomb.

“Reference VS Ryan Crosson” is not your typical boring ‘minimal track.’ The song’s main focus is the bass-line, starting subtly at the beginning, but when the decay opens up, things start to get crazy. Mr. Crosson’s superb signature shuffle is ever present, but Reference’s dub-sweeps, organic percussion, and zoney-lurking atmospheres are ever-present throughout the episode. The breakdown leads the listener anxious for a groove that is delivered throughout the remainder of the track. No nonsense, just great music.

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