Keith Kemp: 2045 EP – BMG04

Beretta Grey returns with another stellar release, Keith Kemp’s “2045” EP! Keith Kemp turns the clock to the afterhours, with three sizzling and intelligent minimal dance floor inventions. Big Lee Curtiss Remix!

“Sorcery Rituals (city club Mix)” starts off the EP right with its robotic percussion and growling bass-line – a perfect fit for any DJ’s set. “Grumpy Stumper” comes correct with funky percussion, infectious drum fills, housey rhodes stabs, and tweaked out analog synth modulations; continuously changing, this track will keep any crowd on the floor and on edge. Keith’s final track, “What’s Your Motive?”, begs the question by providing the listener with a sneaky bass-line, bobbling groove, subtly changing synth stabs, and panning vocals that force you to answer the question with – “…to hear music like this!”.

The remixes for the “2045” EP tower with talent. Lee Curtiss (Dumb-Unit/Kalimari/Spectral) takes on “Sorcery Rituals” and turns it into an experimental yet groovy dance-floor bomb, which is undoubtedly going to be played by all the top jocks. Reference (Beretta Grey’s powerhouse duo of Brian Kage & Luke Hess), take “What’s Your Motive?” and turn it into a minimal party groove; with its tripped out vocals, dubbed out percussion, and tension building breaks, they create the Detroit-underground-zone-funk. Last, but not least, Anomic, a new mysterious producer to emerge from the underground, takes “Sorcery Rituals” into space with deep, shimmering pads and spaceship overtones, forcing the listener to lose themselves in the track – gravity check!

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