Arthur Oskan: Wants & Needs EP – BMG09

Lovely original track! -Laurent Garnier

Luke’s Remix will be in heavy rotation. -Santiago Salazar

Beretta Grey is proud to present the newest EP from Toronto native Arthur Oskan.
Keeping with the same quality music crowds and DJs have come to expect from Beretta Grey, Arthur presents a strong and hypnotic release in which the true essence of his home town and love for Detroit can be heard and felt in his music. Arthur takes us on a dark and mysterious journey, channeling the emotions of deep dance floors across the globe and back. Appropriately titled: ‘Wants & Needs”, this EP is a slice of classic techno constructed with a modern touch. Rounding out this marvelous package on remix duty is the Beretta Fox himself, Luke Hess (Deeplabs/FXHE/Beretta). Bringing that old school Detroit warehouse vibe, Luke Hess serves up a deeper shade of Arthur’s original. Perfect for a gig a in a dingy warehouse basement or your headphones, these sublime melodies are crying out for only the darkest dance floors.

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