Joshua Harrison

Joshua’s first exposure to Techno was during the mid-90’s in Detroit, while he was in his late teens. The notable nightclub “Motor” was still burning with the fire of a generation, trapped firmly in the rhythm of non-stop nightlife. Detroit would always serve as one of many influences for Joshua. After moving to Detroit in 1999, he found various DJ gigs at Clubs and Art galleries throughout the city. Seeking to define not only his sound as a DJ but also his style as a producer. Joshua’s first release in 2003 coupled with the experience he had gained playing records, served as the catalyst that set him on his creative path.

His production work reveals a series of late night oriented tracks ranging in aesthetic from suspenseful to outright dance floor panic. All of the music seemingly borrows as much from the grit and chaos of Acid Techno, Rock n’ Roll and 70’s Psychedelia as it does from “Minimal” German sounds and the Dark Soul of Detroit. Joshua now more by chance than intent finds himself in a unique group of artists poised to make a lasting contribution to the music they love.

His DJ selection represents a range of music featuring contemporary Minimal, and dark dub influenced Techno, but extends beyond those genres reaching occasionally into Tech-House, Acid Techno, Electro, and Early House Music. All combining to create a progressive selection that presents the unexpected without losing its grip on the dance floor.