Christina Chatfield

Christina Chatfield is best known as one half of the live techno outfit Monocle, but she has recently began branching out with her own musical productions & performances. Her solo performances have generated quite the buzz in the her homebase of San Francisco, the new ‘unofficial’ Techno mecca of America.

As a live act, Chatfield eschews traditional DJing in lieu of an entirely original performance. Most all of the music is her own, performed in real time with hardware drum machines, analog synthesizers and effects units. Having honed her craft from numerous live shows as Monocle (who have played alongside Michael Mayer, Matthew Dear, Ryan Elliott, Cassy, etc), Christinaʼs live performance has evolved the static set of a club DJ limited by the preset forms of their records, into a dynamic performance rarely seen in dance music. This approach not only gives her complete control of the timbre and pace of the music, but allows the audience to watch as it develops in front of them.

Raised by two classical musicians, with a professional concert bassist as a brother, itʼs not necessarily surprising that Chatfield decided to pursue music. Her choice of genre might seem something of an anomaly to her family, but that can be attributed to growing up in Ohio, just a car ride away from the heyday of Detroitʼs techno scene. The music she heard obviously left a lasting impression on her, as she went on to study sound synthesis and music in college. It was then that she met Monocle partner Danny Patterson (aka Coupler), and the two began producing the ear- catching techno that would eventually find itʼs way onto Nightlife Music, Racecar Productions and into every worthwhile club in the Bay area.

Chatfield remains thrilled by Monocleʼs collective chemistry and success. However, collaboration is the art of compromise, and with an arsenal of gear at her disposal, this producer is ready to say a few things on her own. WIth her first solo vinyl release slated for Detroit label Beretta Grey and gigs on the books at home and abroad, including a performance in a true surround sound music venue, two thousand ten looks to be a breakout year for Chatfield.